Are you of legal drinking age and strong nerve?

Kraken® Rum Original

Infused with the darkness of the depths

Blended with Secret Spices,

Made from a unique caribbean black spiced rum

Strong, Rich, & Smooth,

Its hue mirrors the mysterious ink of the Heinous sea beast

  • Aroma

    Caramel, toffee and spice


    Cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg


    A lingering spicy finish

anatomy of the bottle

  • Fig. 1: Rings

    The eyes of The Beast. Also, a convenient handle.

  • Fig. 2: Look Closely

    This bottle is filled with delicious black spiced rum, the first of its kind in the world.

  • Fig. 3: Architeuthis Dux

    The appealing Latin name for the heinous giant squid.

customer review

It's unusual to make worshipping The Beast an essential part of cocktail hour. Nevertheless, when The Kraken Rum is served, you must show your loyalty.


Original cocktails

Like revenge, kraken cocktails are best served cold

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