Bring the Beast Home

At times like these, it's best to keep your distance and ride out the storm.

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On demand delivery

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A secret order of The Kraken

Open only to those who faithfully worship the heinous sea beast and the black rum which bears its name. Members receive 10% off in the Supply Shop, in addition to special privileges and rewards.


How strong is The Kraken?
Have you read The Comprehensive and Complete Anthology of Deadly Kraken Assaults Vol. IV-A?
How well do you know The Kraken?


Which shade of black describes the color of your soul?
Which of these sounds is most pleasing to you?
Is there a Hell?


how would you rate your combat skills?
Which weapon will you use to defend yourself against The Kraken?
The Kraken attacks! What will you do?
are you a bartender? (Only select yes if you are actually a professional bartender)

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