Bring the Beast Home

At times like these, it's best to keep your distance and ride out the storm.

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Kraken® Black Roast Coffee Rum

Dark & bold flavors are here to stay

Dark complexity

unexpectedly rich, dark and smooth.

Kraken & Coffee

Find it before it finds you.

  • Aroma

    Dark and bold


    Coffee and spice


    Rich and smooth

anatomy of the bottle

  • Fig. 1: Lightning Bolt

    Crafted on the stormy seas.

  • Fig. 2: A New Legend

    A doomed ship carrying coffee beans meets the cruel fate of The Kraken.

  • Fig. 3: Look away

    Few live to tell the tale after staring into The Beast's menacing eye.

Dark Roast cocktails

Like revenge, Kraken cocktails are best served cold

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the darkness can be yours