Kraken Black Spiced Rum

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The Kraken Pool Float

$29.99 $24.99

Experience the ultimate in aquatic relaxation with the aid of this luxurious and urbane Kraken Pool Float. Featuring a much-larger-than-life white label bottle of Kraken on one side and a black label bottle on the reverse, The Kraken Pool Float is guaranteed to bring a touch of refinement to your next yacht race or synchronized swimming exhibition. WARNING: The Kraken Pool Float is not meant to be used as a life-saving device (unless you are dying from the rare and deadly condition known as lack-of-kraken-pool-float-itis) and is not suitable for children (unless your child is at least 21 years old). We will not take responsibility for things you do on this pool float, even if they are extremely bad ass. So please drink responsibly.

Kraken Black Spiced Rum
I swear to be of Drinking age and strong of nerve.