Kraken Black Spiced Rum

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Ceramic Tiki Glass


Throughout the diminutive nations of the Pacific – from Easter Island to Vanuatu and Micronesia – hapless islanders have lived in mortal fear of The Kraken for hundreds of generations. To celebrate life before their impending doom, they developed the tiki party. And as an honor to their sacrifice and industriousness in the face of certain destruction at the hands of The Kraken, we have created The Kraken Tiki Glass. Hand-carved from fine ceramics looted from priceless antiquities collections and finished with the blackest glaze in the known color spectrum, The Kraken Tiki Glass is guaranteed to bring the joy of the Pacific Islands to your next maiming, dismemberment, or defenestration. Each glass is a terrifying 6” tall and 3.5” in diameter and holds 14oz.

Kraken Black Spiced Rum
I swear to be of Drinking age and strong of nerve.