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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the nutritional information for Kraken Rum?

The Kraken Rum is dark and mysterious like the beast itself, and most of the information we have is a mixture of second-hand sailors' accounts and estimations. However, we can tell you that most spiced rums of comparable proof contain about 70 calories per serving (1 oz.)

What are the ingredients in Kraken Rum?

The base rum used in Kraken is from Trinidad and Tobago, distilled from molasses made from local sugar cane. The rum is aged 12 - 24 months and then we add a mixture of spices including cinnamon, ginger and clove. All added ingredients are natural, and the Kraken is gluten-free and vegan.

I saw an offer for a free poster and book, how do I claim them?

The free poster and book giveaway was a special offer that we ran last year. The offer was only for one month, and we are no longer fulfilling requests. If you would like to buy a poster or book, they are for sale on our online store:

Those Kraken media kits look awesome, how do I get one?

The media kits from last year were a limited edition set, but we will have a similar version available for sale soon on our online store, here: You can also purchase the book from the kit separately! Kraken Rum is not included in these kits for legal reasons but feel free to add your own bottle!

I want to buy a Kraken shirt/poster/book etc, do you have an online store?

Why, yes, as a matter of fact, we do! We recently launched an online merchandise store and we are always adding new items:

Is Kraken available in the UK?

Yes, the Kraken has been released in the UK! For a list of stores that carry it, please contact Proximo UK, who are handling the beast across the Atlantic!

I want to import Kraken into my country, how do I go about this?

We are not looking to work with new importers at this time, sorry!

I would like Kraken Rum to sponsor an event/team, whom do I contact?

Unfortunately, Kraken Rum is not participating in sponsorships at this time!

I can't find my store/a store near me on the store locator. Help!

We update our store locator every 3 months, so if you were only recently added to our records, your store may not appear for some time. Also, some states do not allow us to put up this information online (Washington and Georgia). If you have used the locator recently and cannot find a store near you that carries Kraken Rum, please email us at with your name and ZIP CODE and we will contact a local salesperson to find you some Kraken Rum! If you would like your bar/restaurant/store to be added, email us with the name and address and we will put it in our system for the next update.

I got a Kraken tattoo! Do you want to see it?

YES! As long as this tattoo is in an appropriate place, you are welcome to email us photos or post them on our Facebook page!

I am interested in working for Proximo Spirits, who can I speak to about this?

You may send an inquiry or a cover letter and resume to

You haven't answered my question! Who can I speak with?

You can email questions or comments to